What to Say during Sex

Having sex is needless to say a highly enjoyable experience that can serve to strengthen the bond between couples. It is an activity that one wishes to perfect the best way they can, with regard to the level of performance they are able to offer during an encounter. Being good at sex is something that almost everybody aims to achieve, and as such strive to make progressive efforts in relation to the pleasure they are able to offer their partner. It should be noted that there are a number of aspects that play a role with regard to the amount of pleasure that an individual is able to offer, as well as derive from a sexual encounter. Though the actual physical activities and various positions may play a role in the amount of enjoyment that a couple is able to gain from their sexual engagement, there are a number of additional features that also play determining part in the attainment of this pleasure.

One of the aspects that can greatly enhance the sexual experience a couple is able to enjoy involves the kind of communication that is able to take place during the encounter. Knowing what to say, and how to say it can further stimulate the senses exploited during this occasion. However, the issue of communication during sex is not one that has been mastered by everyone who is sexually active. There are a number of complications that can arise while one is trying to explore this aspect of sexual connection, such as the fact that finding the right words to express the message a person wants to get across can at times be easier said than done. A misunderstanding in the communication process can lead to the opposite of what an individual may be hoping to achieve, thus it is crucial that a person is capable of bringing out the true meaning in what they mean to say.

Some of the things that an individual should take into consideration when they are contemplating what to say in bed include:

Giving words of encouragement

This is a great option for those who may be looking for what to say during a sexual encounter with their partner. Offering simple words of encouragement to a person’s partner during the encounter is a great way to enhance the stimulation that they are able to experience. The words offered do not need to be a continued stream of sentences that have no end, and one should not feel like they need to hold a conversation as the encounter takes place. Short sentences such as “That’s great baby”, “You’re so good!!” and similar phrases are more than enough when one is looking to spur their partner on.

Giving words of advice

An individual can also take the chance to communicate as an opportunity to point out the various things they might like while having sex with their partner. This should be done with tact and packaged in a way that makes it sound as an encouragement. A good example of this can be the use phrases such as “That feels great baby!” among other constructs.

Communicating during sex should not be a complicated procedure and a person should not think too much about what they are going to say prior to the encounter.