Of Love and Other Things

I always thought that love only happens and is exclusive only for couples. The relationship I have with my friends, family and relatives were not because of love, or so I thought. The word “love” nowadays has been so overused that a lot of people, especially the younger generations mistook it for just an easy thing with not much value. Have you ever wondered how much really the value of the word “love” is today? You may easily hear it from people from everyday walks of life saying, “oooooh, I so love these thing!” or “I love how you color your lips blue!” and so on. People keep saying love without really keeping tabs on its real value.

Love and like are two very different words. However, today, society has become so obsessed with Love that the words like and love can now be interchanged. People use the word love as a superlative for like most of the time. They tend to use love for things like, “I love your shirt” instead of just saying, “I really like your shirt.”

You see, love is deeper than just appreciation or strong adoration. Those are feelings. Love, is more – much more that just feelings. Love is not even an emotion because emotions vary from time to time. Even if you’re so angry or hurt with what your brother did to you that you may feel like murdering him, deep inside you still love him. Emotions change over time. Love does not unless you decided not to.

Love is a decision made consciously. When you love, you decide to make another one’s life a big part of you. That no matter what happens you still continue to love that person. Feelings and emotions may change but as long as you decide to love that person or persons with your heart, you stick to them.

So the next time, be careful of how to use love in what you say and just say when you really mean it.