How it works

1. Register for Free and Purchase Bids

Registration only takes a minute and no credit card information is needed to become a member. Once you’ve registered, take a look at our Bid Packages to see what best fits your needs. Once you buy your bids you’re ready to enter an auction.

2. Select your Auction and Start Bidding

No one says you have to choose only one, and with so many girls to choose from who could blame you? Browse the auctions and select the ones you like most. Click the “Bid” button on any one auction to open up the Auction Screen and start bidding. Feel free to switch between as many current auctions as you’d like and track your efforts on your My Account page. Watch for new auctions to be announced every week.

3. Win an Auction and Pack for Vegas

If you have the last bid when the auction timer runs out, then the prize is yours. Once you pass the background check and make the payment, you’ve got yourself a date with one of the industry’s hottest stars in Las Vegas. Try to hold your excitement until the Date.

Bidding in an auction.

After an Auction is announced and the Auction Timer begins to run, each registered member will have the opportunity to place a bid on the particular Auction Item. In order to win the Auction, you will need to have the last bid placed as the Auction Timer runs out.

In order to participate in an auction, users must buy Bids in “Bid Packages” that range from 10 to 5,000 bids. Bids cost $1.00 each, however bonus “Points” (see below) will be awarded to higher level Bid Packages starting at 20 bids. As soon as payment is made, the Bids will be instantly credited to your account, along with any Points earned.

Once Bids have been credited to your account, you are able to begin. Click the “Bid” button on the desired “Auction Screen” to place your bid. A display of the last ten bids by user will be displayed, including the most current bid and user ID.

There is a countdown timer that signals the Auction’s end. Each bid placed in the last 5 minutes of the initial Auction End Time will increase the Auction Timer by an additional 10-15 seconds in order to give other users a chance to place another bid.

If you place the last bid and no other user bids after you, you win the Auction. If another bid is placed after yours, you will need to bid again in order to win.

Each bid placed increases the overall “Auction Price” by $0.01. The Auction Price is what the user who places the last bid (“Auction Winner”) pays for the “Date Package” (see below).

Note*** As a benefit to our members, and in the spirit of keeping the cost of the Date Package reasonable and affordable, every bid placed after the Auction Price reaches $500 will only increase the Auction Price by $0.001. This should ensure that the total payout by any one member remains affordable and gives everyone a fair opportunity.

When the final bid is placed and the Auction Timer reaches zero, the auction is closed and declared final, and the user with the last bid at close is declared the Winner. The Auction Winner will need to accept the win by clicking “Accept” on the Auction Screen. The Auction Winner has 3 days to make the payment before the win is considered forfeited.

In the event the Auction Winner decides to “Decline” the auction win, fails to make payment within 3 days or does not pass the background check (see Item 8 below), the Winner’s bids and the win are forfeited. The option to Accept the auction win then goes to the user with the second to last bid. If necessary, this process will be repeated down the line until an official Auction Winner is declared.

After Accepting the Auction Win but prior to making payment, all Auction Winners will submit to a criminal background check. If we feel that your criminal history presents too great of a risk to the “Star” and to NovaDates, we will deny your right to participate in the Date, the win will go to the next highest bidder and your bids will not be refunded. If you feel that your criminal history may warrant such action, we recommend that you do not participate in the Auction. You may choose to fully disclose all information to us prior to bidding so that we can let you know ahead of time if you would be allowed to participate in the Date or not. Any information you do not disclose to us prior to the Auction remains subject to examination and may exclude your right to participate.

Once the Auction Winner is determined, NovaDates will coordinate a date and time that works for the Winner and the Star to set for the Date Night.

Note*** This date must be selected within 3 months of the auction close unless sufficient reasoning is provided. Once selected, this date can not be changed unless a valid reason is provided and accepted by NovaDates. If airfare and hotel reservations have already been booked, the Winner will be liable for any charges associated with changing these dates.
The Date

The reason anyone bids in any of our auctions is for the opportunity to go on a date with one of their favorite porn stars. All users must understand that no sexual activity will occur on this Date. NovaDates is a Dating Site, not an Escort Service.

Every Date is part of a Date Package, which is an exclusive, once in a lifetime VIP experience that we can only offer to our Auction Winners. The details of each individual date may vary slightly depending on your preferences, but every package will contain the following:

Roundtrip airfare will be provided from your home location (as indicated in your user profile) to Las Vegas, Nevada.

You will be picked up at the airport and transported to your Hotel. Hotel accommodations will range from 3 to 5 stars, depending on availability, and will be centrally located to the Las Vegas Strip.

Once dressed and ready for the night, you will be taken to pick up the porn star at her location. From there, you will be taken to an elegant dinner, drinks included.

After dinner, the night is yours. Your date will be planned with us ahead of time and can include but is not limited to getting drinks, dancing, going to a club, gambling, cruising the strip, shopping, etc. Anything you want to do, within reason and with prior consent given, is yours.

At the designated Date End Time, you will drop the porn star will be dropped off at her location, you will be dropped off to your hotel room, and the Date is over. If you have elected to stay another day in Las Vegas, you are no longer affiliated with NovaDates and anything that you choose to do is on your own time and dollar and is no longer the consideration of NovaDates. If you elected to leave the following morning, transportation will be waiting to take you from your hotel to the airport.

Note*** All of the details of the Date will be discussed at length prior to the date, but it is important to understand what you are liable for financially. NovaDates will pay for the above mentioned: roundtrip airfare, transportation to the airport (in Las Vegas only), transportation in Las Vegas, the hotel, dinner and drinks (with a generous maximum limit), as well as club cover.

Payment of all items are subject to your compliance with NovaDates’ Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. Failure to comply may release any and all financial responsibility from NovaDates to the Auction Winner. All dates are to be planned with the Auction Winner in advance and all services and additional charges will be agreed upon at that time. Any incidentals, overages or additional charges (damage to room, room service, exceeding the limit for dinner and/or drinks, etc.) or any other activities or charges that fall outside of the planned Date are the financial responsibility and obligation of the Auction Winner.