6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal

Relationship between partners has been there since time immemorial but there has been some changes which people tend to agree or disagree. There are behaviors in this unity which we may think that they are normal but they are actually not but man is to error and that’s why we all embrace them. You could be practicing something in your relationship with the mind that it’s good for both of you but they are actually not. There are many toxic relationship behaviors which you may not be even aware of but doing it now. For the case of this informative content, focus shall be on the following 6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal but maybe they aren’t;

1. Keeping Score

This is a scenario whereby one partner will not want to forget about the wrong done on him/her by the other. It becomes a blame game between the two up to a point whereby each one of them wants to find out about who has the highest score than the other. Even this is normal in all relationship; it can be toxic in many ways. For example, instead of forgiving one for a current mistake, you go ahead and add another lump sump of mistake from the past which is just like adding salt to a fresh wound.

2. Trying to prove it out

There comes that time when instead of letting your partner learn from his/her mistake, you go ahead and want them to prove their fault and to carry their own cross. Being aggressive in this situation won’t help but worsen the matter between the two. This directly shows that the partners are never in good terms.

3. Keeping the Relationship at Ransom

Holding a relationship hostage can never be healthy because it acts as a tool to break it off. How can you threaten your love for her with some conditions? If you do this or that; then that will be the end of us. This blackmailing scenario can break a relationship because it will act as a bridge which can break when anything happens on the way. The trick is to avoid judging each other and everything will be alright since it’s not wrong to be upset.

4. Letting Your Partner carry your Own Emotions

w9n7rj68The idea of “putting the blame on her though you are the fault” is described here. You could be having some bad emotions but you want the other to be responsible for that. For example, you partner may want to go out for a swimming session but since you are not of the idea, you force her to do something else. This is toxic because it’s a pure act of selfishness.

5. Jealous Love

Are you that person who sometimes get upset when your partner shows some love in public? For example, he/she could hug you in public but your thoughts jump up to a point of thinking that he/she impresses someone else then you get angry. This drama should distract both of you as it’s normal.

6. Buying Out Love

This is whereby when one does a mistake, instead of solving it amicable, one opt to reward the other with a gift. It acts as temporary remedy but may never help because the mistake may recur. Solution is to deal with the problem undoubtedly.