Nova Pionts

What happens if I don’t win the auction? Do I get anything?

At NovaDates everyone is a winner. See “The NovaPoints System” below to see how we reward every member who participates

The NovaPoints System:

We understand that every auction can only have one winner, and to make sure that our auction participants do not walk away empty handed, we have designed a system of points to reward you for your efforts. For every bid that you place in an auction, you will receive 1 (one) NovaPoint. Various promotions, giveaways, bonuses and contests will be available intermittently to give you chances to increase your Total Points. For example, bidding a certain number of times in an auction or buying a certain number of bids will earn you bonus points.

The NovaPoints will be redeemable at the NovaDates Store where you can use your points to greatly discount or even receive free products. Items available at the store will include all kinds of merchandise such as shirts, DVDs, posters, etc.

By far the biggest advantage of earning NovaPoints is VIP admission to the “The Party”. Every few months NovaDates will host an exclusive party in which we will rent out a club venue and provide free drinks and an amazing party environment. This party is not open to the public; adult entertainment industry only…and YOU. Any member can redeem 8,000 points to get exclusive access to this event. Another 6,000 lets you bring a guest with you. How often do you get the opportunity to take a body shot off of a porn star?

In addition to the Store, various in-auction incentives may be offered as well, such as the top 50 bids placed in an auction receive a signed poster of the Star they’re bidding on.

Below you will find a breakdown of how easily you can earn points from buying and using bids.

NovaPoints earned from purchasing Bid Packages:

Number of Bids Purchased Total Bonus Points Earned

10 0
20 10
35 25
50 40
75 75
100 130
125 155
150 185
175 205
200 220
250 275
400 450
500 565
750 855
1000 1150
2000 2320
5000 5850

NovaPoints earned from Placing Bids in a single Auction:

Number of Bids Placed Total Bonus Points Earned

0-10 0
11-20 5
21-35 10
35-50 20
51-75 30
76-100 60
100-125 90
126-150 120
151-175 160
176-200 190
201-250 220
251-300 250
301-400 275
401-500 300
501-750 320
750-1,000 340
1,000+ 360

NovaPoints earned from being one of the first 10 to bid in a new Auction:

Bid Position in New Auction Total Bonus Points Earned

1st 50
2nd 45
3rd 40
4th 35
5th 30
6th 25
7th 20
8th 15
9th 10
10th 5

Example A:

User purchases and places 20 bids. User will receive 1 point per each of the 20 bids placed (20 points), 10 points for purchasing in bulk and an additional 5 points for placing the 20 bids.

Total Points after use: 35

Example B:

User purchases and places 200 bids. User will receive 1 point per each of the 200 bids placed (200 points), 220 points for purchasing in bulk and an additional 190 points for placing the 200 bids.

Total Points after use: 610